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Bellissimo Architectural Finishes. Preserving the past with an eye on the future.

Old world craftsmanship with the latest materials and technology!

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Older materials are fragile and can crumble with the slightest handling. Many professionals are reluctant to attempt the challenge of restoring these pieces. Our experience allows us to protect the integrity of the existing surface while repairing any damaged areas.  When done well, restoration not only preserves evocative/charming architectural detail/elements but can be much more cost effective than replacement.

 Creation of new finishes to match:

Whether it’s a concrete slab, a plain plaster wall, or a railing that could use some imagination - we offer the creative, professional ability it takes to turn your decorative dreams into a reality.

 Standard Services:

 1. Applied decorative cement veneers and overlays on all existing surfaces, interior or exterior.

 2. Stone replication work.

 3. Old or antique repair and restoration work on stone, masonry and wood surfaces.

 4. Faux finishes.

 5. Old world paint and plaster replication.

 6. Decorative stains, all types, all surfaces.

 7. Water feature repair and resurfacing.

 Special Services:

 1. Expert touch up and repair of most existing surfaces.

 2. Antique water fountain restoration work.

 3. Expert color matching and consulting.

 4. Workshops and mini seminars taught.

 5. On site trouble shooting and problem solving.

 6. We also do Insurance Claims work. Instead of having to replace/rebuild the entire project, we can go in and repair and restore the structural integrity, then match the finish, saving time and money.


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